The Herald Dispatch

The Herald Dispatch, (Bulletin of the BNAPS George VI Study Group) is published bi-monthly feauring current events and news of interest to Study Group members and shared with the public at large with an open invitation to join the British North America Philatelic Society and the George VI Study Group.

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Vol 2      No 6

The Post & Mail

The George VI Study Group publishes its newsletter, The Post & Mail, on a regular basis.  The Post & Mail is circulated to BNAPS members who have joined the George VI Study Group.

Each issue of The Post & Mail contains a wealth of information about postal rates and usages of Canadian and Newfoundland stamps issued during the King George VI reign.  The Post & Mail also features a regular column on EFO\'s & Varieties and articles on other specialized areas of the stamps of the King George VI Reign.

Copies of The Post & Mail can be viewed in your web browser by clicking the links below.